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Introduction to Islamic Law

Term: Wednesday 8,15 - 11,00
Consultations: 11,00 - 11,30
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Aims and objectives

This course will give students an overview of Islamic law, its system and interpretative methods. After passing the course, students should be able to comprehend fundamental concepts of Islam and Islamic Law, understand the multifaceted character of Islamic decision-making process and the contemporary question of interpretative authority. Students should be able to understand and critically analyze chosen particular issues related to Islam and Islamic Law in 21st century, with emphasis given on Muslim minorities living in the western legal systems.

Teaching strategies

The module will be taught over the period of one semester. The module runs for three hours a week for 14 weeks in a semester. Of these 14 weeks, 13 are teaching and the final week is reserved for the final exam.

Indicative content

1. Introduction to Islam
2. Islam and Origins of Islamic Law
3. Qur’an and Sunnah - Sources of Islamic Law [.pdf]
4. Islamic Jurisprudence and Science of Hadith
5. Fatwa and Mufti
6. The Law of Personal Status - Persons in Islamic Law [.pdf]
7. Family and Marital Law, Women in Islam - Family Law [.pdf]
8. Law of Contracts, Islamic Banking - Law of Contracts [.pdf]
9. Islamic Penal Law - Criminal Law [.pdf]
10. Foundations of Islamic International Law - International Law [.pdf]
11. Contemporary Issues in Islamic Law
12. Islamic Jurisprudence in the Digital Age - The Internet and the Islamic Knowledge [.pdf]
13. Final Exam

Methods of assessment

Mid-term exam (30%), final written exam (70%)


Selected texts and excerptions for each lesson are available in reader.

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