Vít Šisler
Charles University in Prague
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Czechoslovakia 38-89
is a complex educational simulation for high school students. Its educational objective is to present key events from Czechoslovakia’s contemporary history and to enable students to “experience” these events from different actors’ perspectives. In doing so, the simulation aims to develop deeper understanding of the multifaceted political, social and cultural aspects of this time period.
is a peer-reviewed online journal of the virtual Middle East published by the American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague. CyberOrient presents original, peer-reviewed articles and book reviews on the online representation of any aspect of Middle Eastern cultures, Islam, the imagined "Orient" and the use and impact of the Internet in the Middle East and Islamic countries.
Europe 2045
is a digital simulation designed as a supporting educational material for social sciences' courses, attempting to familiarize the players with the political, economic and social issues of the united Europe and the present-day world. Apart from learning facts, the player develops a score of key skills: the ability to negotiate, to think critically, and to work in a team.

Conference & Workshop Presentations


  • BCICS Faculty and Fellows Colloquium, Evanston, IL, "Digital Intifada: Representation of Islam and the Middle East in Video Games"
  • State management of Islam Conference, Evanston, IL, "European Courts’ Authority Contested? The Case of Marriage and Divorce Fatwas On-line"
  • Iran Media Workshop, Philadelphia, PA, "From Quest of Persia to Islamic Sims: Identity Construction in Iranian Video Games"




  • MediaTerra, Athens, "Representation and Self Representation"
  • Cyberspace 2006, Brno, "The Internet and the Construction of Islamic Knowledge in Europe"
  • Ethnologisches Kolloquium, Bayreuth, "Appropriation of Digital Games in Arab countries" [.ptt]
  • Game Engines/Social Engines, Prague, "Digital Resistance: Reflection of Palestinian Intifada in Arabic Videogames"
  • CzechPoint, Prague, "Activist Computer Games: Between Politics, Art, and Entertainment"
  • Filozofie a sociální vědy, Praha, "Informační technologie a globální islámské společenství"
  • Workshop for Assistants and Judges of The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic, and the Office of The Public Defender of Rights, Brno, "Současná jurisprudence pro muslimské menšiny v Evropě" [.ptt]
  • Symposion of Czech and Slovak Young Legal Theoreticians, Otradice
  • Shari'a Debates and Their Perception by Muslims and Christians in Selected African Countries, Bayreuth, "Construction of Islamic Knowledge in Cyberspace" [.ptt]


  • Cyberspace 2005, Brno, "Islamic Jurisprudence in Cyberspace"
  • Critical Legal Conference 2005, Canterbury, "The Law of God in Cyberspace - Islamic Legal Counseling Online"
  • Entermultimediale 2, Prague, "Ideology, Politics and Videogames"
  • Artificial Entities and Computer Games, Prague, "Arabic Videogames – Digital Emancipation of the Middle East"


  • Interdisciplinary Group for Computer Games Research, Prague, "Extremism and Ideology in Computer Games – Legal Aspects"

Conference & Workshop Organization

  • Cyberspace 2008, Brno, chair of the workshops "Islam in Cyberspace" and "Religion Online"
  • Cyberspace 2007, Brno, chair of the session "Religious Norms in Cyberspace"
  • Cyberspace 2006, Brno, chair of the session "Religious Norms in Cyberspace"
  • Game Engines/Social Engines 2006, Prague, workshop chair




  • J. William Fulbright Commission, Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship
  • Specifický výzkum FF UK, GRANTY/2008/547, "New Media and the Identity Construction in the Middle East"
  • Open Society Fund Prague, Accenture Fund Scholarship
  • GA UK (Grant Agency of Charles University in Prague), 125408, "Jurisprudence for Muslim Minorities in Europe"


  • Mobility Fund of Charles University in Prague, study and research grant


  • JPD3, European Social Fund, Czech Republic, the Capital of Prague, CZ.04.3.07/, "Integration of IT Tools into Education of Humanities"
  • Specifický výzkum FF UK, 224130, "Islamic Discourses in Digital Media"
  • Czech Ministry of Education, travel and study grant


Vit Sisler, 2013